Diploma Unit Two. Architectural Association School of Architecture

Tools for Architecture is a research unit based at the Architectural Association in London formed by a team of MArch AA Diploma students and lead by Space Popular directors Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg.

Environmental Collage Experience Map

Walls are thresholds that serve to separate two environments. This diagram illustrates the degree of contrast that can be enabled by different types of barriers.


Environments illustrated on the left are in high contrast. They are able to coexist for a long time with a solid barrier in between. In the middle section, situations are unstable, as environments with relatively less contrast are not separated. On the right, when two environments sch as grass and rocks are together, no barrier is needed for them to coexist stably.


below: zooming into the drawing


A catalog of different barrier types are illustrated at the bottom of the drawing. From left to right, barriers transition from being most visible and segregating, to being invisible. They are explained in further detail below: barriers

This is a crucial drawing for understanding the main goal of the project, which is to create a collage of environments.

The point is not to design the walls or contents of the walls, but rather use walls as the means to bring different environments together for different duration of time.