INTER.ONE Tools for Architecture

Tools for Architecture is a research unit based at the Architectural Association in London formed by a team of architecture undergraduate students and lead by Space Popular directors Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg. Work at TFA aims to develop new experience driven design methods.

Rembrandt Illuminated

A first indication at light’s influence on spatial understanding and emotional response – maybe even before any psychoanalytical research regarding the matter – is observed in chiaroscuro paintings.


Rembrandt’s dramatic interplay of light and shadow draws the subjects of his four paintings into the foreground. Materiality, although expressed through oil paint only, becomes crucial for reading reflexion, or diffusion of light.

02 - Light Impact & Direction - Ecce Homo - Reflexion copy

[Line weights visualising reflexion in the analysis of Ecce Homo]

Depending on its direction, the resulting shadows make form easy to distinguish , or alter it altogether.

01 - Light Impact & Direction - Anna and the Blind Tobit

[Analysis of Anna & the Blind Tobit]

02 - Light Impact & Direction - Ecce Homo

[Analysis of Ecce Homo]

03 - Light Impact & Direction - The Lamentation over the Dead Christ

[Analysis of The Lamentation over the Dead Christ]

04 - Light Impact & Direction - The Woman taken in Adultery

[Analysis of The Woman taken in Adultery]