Diploma Unit Two. Architectural Association School of Architecture

Tools for Architecture is a research unit based at the Architectural Association in London formed by a team of MArch AA Diploma students and lead by Space Popular directors Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg.

Scenes from the Underground

I am exploring the notion of the underground, the lure of exploration and the difference of the man made and the natural.



A seemingly endless field, no entrance nor exit visible. Sensation of being trapped, yet a vast landscape surrounds you. The columns suggest the weight of the ceiling and the claustrophobia increases.






The one opening creates a sense of awe by shining light into the dark cave. It is an opening to the outside. The former claustrophobic sensation is instantly gone, now the the way of escape is obvious.






The tunnel guides you through the space, but it splits in two: A choice. There is light around both corners. Is someone there?