INTER.ONE Tools for Architecture

Tools for Architecture is a research unit based at the Architectural Association in London formed by a team of architecture undergraduate students and lead by Space Popular directors Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg. Work at TFA aims to develop new experience driven design methods.

Soft House Community

This co-living space is located in the residential neighborhood in a highly dense metropolitan city.

The application of soft material on the surfaces that define the space allows residents to rest their body anywhere and in whatever they want. In such a space the need for furniture to provide comfort no longer exists, and therefore in each private room space is released from occupancy of bed or sofa, allowing more room for shared space. In the meantime, in the shared social space, prescriptive behaviors we associated with conventional furniture also no longer exist, and people are encouraged to situate their bodies freely.

House Collage

Street View_4-02