Diploma Unit Two. Architectural Association School of Architecture

Tools for Architecture is a research unit based at the Architectural Association in London formed by a team of MArch AA Diploma students and lead by Space Popular directors Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg.

Rules of Immersive Internet IV-Link

How do we meet random webpage in immersive internet ?


Typing in a brand new link help us transfer from one page to completely unrelated page.

Which means we can access anywhere in the internet without making decision. Typing Link verses Link itself  is an function being undeveloped. Link(URL) is the digital coordinate of webpage, which only machine can read, but the necessity to know the full typing of link for human beings is  limiting the possibility for users to explore. I found this function potential could  add pure random experience on the top of internet logical structure.

Breaking Architecture for making gates to  random webpages is the refreshing  tool to escape from current environment. It frees user from behaving rational in architecture and expose themselves to new environment . Firstly, 500g of weight is hit on plaster casted sheet that scales 1 to 15 as a wall in 3×3 meters.


Link-The breaking Test with Plaster Sheet


Sheets are casted with 6 different patterns to see how it react with hit to generate desirable break that can inhabits certain amount of people or volume.

Link-The breaking Test Model


 In this system, users can break a new hole with friends and families, making the pleasure of discovery  sharable . 


Link-Family and Friends with different corresponding dimensions


  In the process of breaking, our body could be involve in either throwing, or utilising virtual wrecking ball for wanted shape of break. 


Link-Break in reality or Virtual? Double side material?


 Virtual Break and physical break feature are mixed setting like gravity and double sided material can be altered to prevent any predictable break to happen.